What an exciting time to be looking for a practicum or internship.  I am pleased thbonniew_0at you are considering our center for this part of your professional training.  We take training very seriously and work hard to give trainees skills that are applicable to the real world.  Our training program utilizes the diversity of our staff to create a dynamic experience.  We offer a strong generalist foundation rooted in multicultural theory and evidence based practice.

Training provides an opportunity to more clearly define your personal style, theoretical framework, and multicultural foundation.  We include activities that focus on professional development, case conceptualization, and encourage participation in our Racially Responsive and Culturally Competent Seminar.   Paired with our Doctoral Psychology Interns, our program provides rich supervision and extensive training in individual and group treatment.  Additionally, there are ample outreach and psycho-educational opportunities.

Our close working relationships with Student Health Services, Residence Education and Housing Services provide our trainees with opportunities to work across disciplines. There are approximately 49,000 students at MSU with the on-campus residents living in distinct neighborhoods. We are proud of our involvement in the National College Depression Partnership, White House Joining Forces Initiative and the Consortium for Multicultural Research.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and stimulating atmosphere so that interns can solidify strengths and consolidate professional identity.  We are seeking trainees who are energized by learning and who possess a passion for working with diverse students and colleagues. Our center experiences natural periods of increased demand that necessitate a need to “work smart”.  Our focus is on helping interns prioritize their commitments so that they create a work-life balance.

Please look through at our website and contact me to determine if our site is a good match for you.  We will begin reviewing applications for Academic year 2016 – 2017 in March 2016.    If you have questions about our program, you are invited to contact me at

Take a deep breath,

Bonnie Wheeler M.A., LMSW, LPC
Masters & Practicum Training Coordinator
MSU Counseling Center
517-355-8270  517-355-8270
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