Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Unit

The substance abuse unit (SAU) provides screening, assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and counseling. Counseling services include education, group counseling, and time-limited individual counseling related to substance use and abuse. In addition, the SAU provides preventive outreach to the MSU community. We also provide referrals to students who seek more intensive substance abuse treatment. SAU counselors are supportive, nonjudgmental, and sensitive to the diverse needs of students.  Our day in day out work with students over many years and the compiled data from research is convincing; substance abuse is one of the biggest problems commonly experienced by college students that hinders academic performance, health, safety, and which negatively effects well- being, productivity, and individual potential.

Counseling Center substance abuse specialists are available to identify problems relating to students’ use of alcohol or other drugs, and to assist students in their adjustment away from harmful substance use.  The elimination of harm caused by alcohol or other drug use is our primary counseling philosophy while in some cases substance abuse counseling facilitates students toward recognizing that entering recovery is in their best interests. The level of motivation varies from individual to individual regarding readiness to make the necessary changes necessary for progress on identified goals to occur.  Stage of Change based counseling applications combined with Motivational Interviewing techniques are commonly used.

Students coming to the Counseling Center for substance abuse counseling also receive evaluation for the possibility that other difficulties and disorders may exist, such as anxiety, depression, etc. When these co-occurring disorders are identified they become important aspects of the counseling process.  Referrals are made on a case by case basis for specialized forms of treatment, including referrals for psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Call the Counseling Center at 517-355-8270 or stop by the Counseling Center in 207 Student Services Building.

Alcohol and Substance Use Screening

Want some feedback about your drug or alcohol use? You can obtain a formal evaluation of your substance use through the Counseling Center by completing our substance abuse assessment instruments. After completing the assessment you will receive individual feedback from a member of the substance abuse unit. Just call or come in to make an appointment by calling 517-355-8270. You can also complete a free alcohol self-screening online.

Substance Abuse Unit Clinicians

  • Robert W. Eubanks, MSW – Unit Coordinator/Counselor
  • Kelle Sajdak, MA, LPC – Counselor