As we are all aware, the 2016 presidential election has been extremely contentious, and it has led to a wide range of reactions, from celebration and hope, to fear and a sense or outrage of hopelessness. The Counseling Center recognizes that many individuals on both sides of the political divide have been affected by the election, and we are committed to providing support to all students who are in need of our services, regardless of their political affiliation.

Additionally, the Counseling Center recognizes that across the nation, there have been numerous reports of bias incidents and hate crimes, including those motivated by racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. These incidents have created a tense, divisive atmosphere on college campuses throughout the country. The MSU community has begun to sponsor a variety of events and services for students who have been adversely affected by these incidents, and the Counseling Center is actively engaged in the community’s supportive response, including our domestic and international students.

As one aspect of our efforts, we at the Counseling Center wish to reaffirm MSU’s core value of inclusivity, and we embrace a broader set of values, including diversity, belonging, safety, freedom of speech, and intercultural dialogue. As a multicultural Counseling Center devoted to social justice and the well-being of all MSU students, we are available to provide supportive services, both individually and in groups, to any student who has been negatively impacted by the events surrounding the election, and we have created a variety of new services in our efforts to respond, including the sponsorship of Healing Spaces for community dialogue on campus, as well as the creation of a support group for those who are recovering from recent or past experiences of racism and racial trauma.

The Counseling Center recognizes that not all affected students will require individual or group counseling, and we encourage everyone to seek out social support, including from friends, family, residence hall staff, and advisers. We are also offering consultation and referral services through resources on and off campus, and we are partnering with a number of other units to coordinate efforts to support students.

Below is a link to an article from the American Psychological Association regarding the widespread negative impact of the election on stress and mental health:

Here are links to the other resources on and off campus:

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