Mission Statement

Our Mission

In keeping with the mission of the Division of Student Affairs, the Michigan State University Counseling Center seeks to create and sustain a campus environment that supports the holistic development of each student and contributes to their optimal academic success by facilitating and supporting identity development, community responsibility, health and wellness, multicultural awareness, social justice, and career development. In doing so, the Counseling Center seeks to support the University’s overarching mission of being a “world-grant” institution by helping students become healthy, informed, aware and committed citizen-scholars.

Our Vision

The MSU Counseling Center will be recognized as a global leader in college student mental health and well-being. We are committed to a diverse, confidential, dynamic, cutting-edge approach to each of our services in counseling, training, substance abuse prevention and services, sexual assault treatment and prevention, and comprehensive testing services. We will offer the highest quality of professional services to support MSU’s status as an international leader in higher education.

Our Philosophy

The MSU Counseling Center is multiculturally-focused, inclusive, collaborative, holistic, and guided by evidence-based practice and the scientist-practitioner model. Our services are structured by a public-health and wellness framework that defines student development within a broad cultural, systemic, psychological, and biological framework. We take into account the full range of student experience, from severe mental illness, to relational and developmental concerns, to the highest forms of self-actualization (awareness) and community responsibility. We offer students a wide array of services intended to provide support, problem-solving, symptom-reduction, insight, education, and personal growth, each of which contribute to their academic development and success.