About Us

The Michigan State University Counseling Center’s (MSUCC) purpose is to help all students succeed by providing support for the University’s academic goals, assisting in decreasing student and faculty/staff stress, aiding the effort to provide a health environment, helping students focus on personal and career goals thereby contributing to students’ motivation and performance, and by increasing satisfaction with University which results in greater retention.

MSUCC serves as the central access point for students seeking mental health services on campus. We offer consultation, assessment, time-limited professional counseling, self-help resources and appropriate referrals to MSU students. We also provide consultation, outreach and preventive education programming for staff and faculty to assist their interactio
n with students.

MSUCC is administratively responsible to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services and is responsible for functioning as the central access point for students seeking psychological services.

The MSU Counseling Center and its services are accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS). MSUCC’s multicultural, multidisciplinary professional staff is actively engaged in therapy and graduate training. Staff diversity encompasses the realms of race, ethnicity , gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and clinical specialty. Five racial groups are represented among the professional staff. All professional staff members are licensed or certified clinicians who were trained as Psychiatrists, clinical or counseling Psychologists, Social Workers, or Counselors.

Students who identify as being from one or more of the under-represented categories utilize MSUCC more than is expected. We believe this is largely due to the center’s commitment to diversity and community engagement efforts led by members of the Multi-Ethnic Counseling Center Alliance.

Therapy and support groups are a vital form of treatment. Click here to learn more about our services.